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Local Counsel and Out of State Representation.

Full Range Estate Planning Services.

If you're an out-of-town attorney or client who needs local counsel in Texas, we're happy to team with you to provide the local representation and legal advice you need. At BA Law, we're familiar with Texas federal and state courts and judges, and can help you navigate local customs as your legal liaison. We're prepared to go with you to court and to assist with litigation as you require, advocating for either the plaintiff or the defendant, or we can advise from the sidelines if you prefer.
Some Texas courts require local counsel whenever an out-of-state attorney appears before the court. Choosing the right local counsel can be crucial when you're appearing in an unfamiliar jurisdiction. At BA Law, we work with you to help you understand the preferences of assigned judges, as well as the local legal customs, culture and rules, all to smooth and facilitate your case here in Texas.

If you're involved in litigation in Texas, we can help you navigate:
• Remand to state court
• Remand to federal court
• Motions to transfer venue
• Admissions pro hac vice
• Challenging service of process
• Challenging personal jurisdiction
• Motions of summary judgment
• Motions to dismiss
• Motions to apply other states' laws

Texas Real Estate.

If your clients have Texas real estate issues, our experienced attorneys can step in to help with the drafting of deeds. Our extensive business law knowledge is also invaluable when your clients are conducting commercial transactions across state lines. Many clients need out-of-state representation when estates are being settled across several states. We can assist you with opening and closing probate and dealing with contested probates. We can also help you set up and administer a trust, or assist with guardianship matters. Whatever your needs are for local counsel, BA Law has the expertise to assist you in Texas. Contact us to see how we can help with your specific requirements.

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