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Real Estate and Secured Lending Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions can be legally and financially complex. Whether you're a landlord, investor, co-owner or buyer, a lot is at stake in every transaction, and you need an experienced attorney to make sure all the details are being handled correctly.
At BA Law, we make sure you get the legal advice you need, putting our expertise in real estate and secured lending law at your service. Of Counsel Attorney David Goodhart has more than 20 years experience in real estate law. He and the rest of our team are ready to advocate for you and protect you in a wide variety of matters.

Real Property Sales Contracts

Each real estate contract is unique, and every transaction involves significant value. We make sure your interests are established and protected in the language of your sales contracts, whether you're the buyer or seller, and we address all your legal concerns.

Secured Lending Transactions

Understanding the laws regarding secured lending transactions is crucial to protect your interests. When you accept a borrower's property as collateral for a loan, you take on certain risks. Having an attorney who understands these complex transactions and can watch for pitfalls is critical, whether you're the borrower or lender.

Property Tax Loans

When homeowners need a little help paying their property tax, a property tax loan can look like a great solution. But what happens when the borrower doesn't make their payments? An experienced attorney can provide protection and counsel on both sides of the transaction.

Hard Money Loan Transactions

Of course you always want an attorney to review your real estate contracts — but this step becomes even more crucial in a hard money loan transaction. The laws applying to hard money lenders are different than those affecting other real estate transactions, and your attorney must make sure your contract protects you.

Landlord-Tenant Negotiations and Litigation

Landlord-tenant relationships can be fraught with conflict. An experienced attorney can make the difference in protecting your rights, whether you're trying to evict a non-paying tenant or dealing with a landlord who refuses to live up to his part of your contract. We can help at every stage, from lease negotiation to litigation.
What are your real estate law needs? Whether you're negotiating a complex real estate contract, facing a foreclosure, structuring a credit facility for your next purchase, or handling a workout, at BA Law, we have the expertise you need. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your assets.

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