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Judgement Collections

Recovering Aging Receivables

Judgement Collections

Do you need help collecting bad debts? Do not let things slide! When it comes to commercial and judgment collection, the longer you wait to get an attorney involved, the less chance you have of recovering aged receivables. The amount you are likely to recover also tends to decrease with time.


Our Commercial and Judgment Collection Protocol

BA Law has developed an efficient and effective protocol to help you collect on bad debts. Based on attorney John Bowdich's successful prosecution and/or supervision of 2,500 collection cases in Texas, our protocol is designed to maximize your potential recovery.
We believe you should get an attorney involved early in the process, and adopt an aggressive collection timetable. After all, the only way to successfully collect a bad debt is to get the debtor's attention. Our collection protocol also focuses on securing important information to assist in collection and leveraging the legal system as needed. Under our protocol we also:

• Review and improve your service agreements, credit applications and terms of payment before you make contracts with clients and customers. These steps minimize your potential liabilities while maximizing recovery.
• Establish protocols for issuing invoices and past due notices on a timely basis.
• Send attorney action letters promptly to encourage quick resolution of outstanding debts.
• Collection of commercial debts and judgments
• File litigation within 15 days of any failure to respond to the attorney action letters.


Post-Collection Services and Contingency Fees

We also offer a full array of post-judgment collection services. If you need to garnish wages, establish a receivership, enforce a turnover order, or execute a judgment, we are here to see the process through, from beginning to end.
To maximize your recovery, we have established a ladder contingency fee at BA Law. This fee starts at a low percentage, increasing on a step basis as our services to you increase.

How We Can Help.

When it comes to commercial and judgment collections, we understand how your debtors think. And we want you to be in the forefront of your debtors' thoughts, the no. 1 item on their agenda.
Contact us for a free initial consultation regarding any collection issues you are having. You can even forward us any related documents (your service agreement, credit application, statements, invoices, and any judgments). We understand that time is of the essence with collections, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Do you need help? Do not let things slide! The longer you wait to get an attorney involved, the less chance you have of recovering aged receivables.

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