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Wills and Trusts, Estate Planning, and Probate Law

Full Range Estate Planning Services.

One of the most important things an attorney can help you with is estate planning. When you create wills and trusts, you're planning for the next generation and making sure your wishes will be carried out properly. At BA Law, we can help you with a full range of estate planning services, including preparing your will, setting up and maintaining trusts, advising you on your estate plan, and answering your questions regarding probate law.

Wills and Trusts

We provide the wise counsel you need with drafting a will and planning for retirement. Trusts of various sorts, including living trusts, can help protect your assets against inheritance or gift taxes, and they ensure that things flow as smoothly as possible for your heirs. We understand that writing a will is a personal matter, and we're happy to walk you through it with support and sensitivity, as well as the smart legal advice you're counting on.

Estate Planning

We understand how important it is to protect your family's assets, shield them from unnecessary taxation, and provide for your relatives' future. We can help you design an estate plan that preserves your wealth for future generations, no matter how simple or complex your situation. We can provide assistance and advice if you are an executor or trustee in charge of an estate or trust, need to plan a business succession, or have other complex estate issues.

Probate Law

Whether you're an heir with a claim against an executor, a beneficiary making a claim of breach of fiduciary duty, or a fiduciary with a claim against an estate, going through litigation in probate court can be complicated and emotionally overwhelming. Our attorneys are prepared to defend you in probate matters, relying on our deep experience litigating these issues and ready for the challenges that often arise.
When it's time to plan for the future, BA Law can walk alongside you and make sure you're making smart legal decisions. Contact us today to see how we can help you with estate planning, wills and trusts.

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